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International Tax Planning

International Tax Planning Overview

International tax planning is an important tool in attaining tax efficiency by utilizing the benefits offered by the tax systems of various jurisdictions, combined with those offered by the available tax treaties. Integrated planning and the implementation of the optimum structures can facilitate maximum returns on investment and accomplish efficient repatriation of profits.

Diligent tax planning has never been as significant as it is today, since the wordlwide trend supports the adoption of more stringent measures combating legitimate tax avoidance. Thus, the need for clear and coherent tax planning advice is as important as ever.

The professionals within the Pagecorp Group can effectively address the tax, legal and accounting aspects of the most complex cross-border transactions and offer tailor-made solutions to each individual client’s needs. Also, they can facilitate the setting up of the most appropriate tax structures, aligned with the targets and interests of each business.  

Pagecorp Group can competently assist with:

  • Identifying efficient tax structuring routes
  • Advising on existing or proposed structures
  • Implementing international tax structures
  • Assisting with the setting up and administration of the appropriate legal entities
  • Implementing restructurings and reorganisations
  • Advising on tax aspects of cross border transactions
  • Alligning double tax treaties with local legislation
  • Advising on VAT, tax and accounting matters

In a nutshell, the Pagecorp Group team, adopting a broad and practical approach, can offer the necessary advice and assistance so as international clients utilize the most tax efficient way in order to realize their financial goals and minimize their tax liability. 


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