The concept of the trust as we know it in our days dates back to the Crusaders in the 12th Century and is based on the Anglo‐Saxon legal system. It was devised to allow continuity of family property and succession in troubled times when the “master of the house” was off to war.

Cyprus International Trusts (CITs) are an effective family estate planning and a legal way of placing assets of high-net-worth individuals beyond the reach of future potential creditors or other claimants. Apart from asset protection and confidentiality, CITs offer important benefits in tax and exchange control matters. Due to their various advantages, CITs are also used for many other purposes, such as for investment, wealth management and charities.

Pagecorp Group is a renowned provider of reliable, professional and tailored trust and custodial services, ensuring that clients will receive all the necessary assistance and attention to all their specific requirements and needs, to properly establish and exploit all the advantages of international trusts.

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