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Redomiciliation of Companies

Cyprus is included within the jurisdictions allowing the re-domiciliation of companies into or out of the same. Re-domiciliation is considered to be the process by which a company’s “seat of incorporation” is transferred into or out of the relevant jurisdiction.

There are a number of benefits driving a foreign company to transfer its seat and re-domicile in Cyprus. Such benefits include of course the Cyprus tax system, the high quality of professional and cost-efficient services offered in the island, as well as the business oriented environment encountered in Cyprus.

The re-domiciliation process is quite straight-forward; the re-domiciled company maintains its legal identity and is considered as continuing in the Republic, therefore the foreign companies are able to do so without winding-up their business.

Pagecorp Group specializes in the re-domiciliation of foreign companies into the Republic of Cyprus and can also offer the necessary assistance and support in relation to the re-domiciliation of any Cyprus companies abroad. The relevant services are provided with the utmost care and efficiency.

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