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International Trust

International Trust Overview

Legal consultants can assist clients, who wish to protect their family estate, manage their wealth and plan their investments, with the set-up and the appropriate management of International Trusts.

Expert advice and support is provided in any jurisdiction the client wishes to form the trust but more specifically, the team is specialised on Cyprus International Trusts (CITs). A CIT is a powerful tool for estate planning and asset protection and it offers the highest possible degree of protection and flexibility.

Asset protection, by means of a CIT, is a very efficient legal way of placing assets of high-net-worth individuals and organisations, beyond the reach of future potential creditors or other claimants. Also, the CIT can be used in many other situations, such as tax planning, estate planning, wealth management, investment, for charitable purposes and other. The confidentiality it offers is a major consideration which is also taken into account by prospective settlors.

The trust legal framework of Cyprus is considered one of the most attractive worldwide; it allows the establishment of trusts suitable for complicated situations, which enjoy many advantages and a high degree of protection.

Pagecorp Group is a renowned provider of reliable, professional and tailored trust and custodial services, ensuring that clients will receive all the necessary assistance and attention to all their specific requirements and needs, to properly establish and exploit all the advantages of international trusts.

Benefiting of the expertise and support of its wide network of associates, Pagecorp Group assists with the establishment and administration of trusts and more precisely with:

  • International trust formation
  • Trust administration
  • Trust redomiciliation
  • Provision of trustee, protector and other related services
  • Advising on possible deficiencies of current trust structures
  • Advising on issues relating to the settlor’s and beneficiary rights and trustee powers
  • Estate planning, wealth management and asset protection advice
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